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Shop Owners: Learn to Keep Vandals at Bay!

Vandals and thieves are the biggest security issues that a shop owner will have to deal with and consider when they are running a retail operation. Every year across the UK there are a number of robberies and break-ins that cost business owners thousands of pounds to repair and replace both the stolen goods and their windows and doors. Certain…read more →

A Guide To Communicating Better

Communication is key in so many aspects of life. We do it every single day, sometimes without even saying a word. It’s something we begin to learn from the moment we can see and hear. We pick up bad habits in communication just like we pick up habits with anything else. You may find it seems people often do not…read more →

Why Custom Caps Still Work for Building Brand Image

For years, companies have used promotional products to provide a gift to their target market while keeping their brand in the forefront of their mind. The efficacy of these products is without question, and brands continue to find creative ways to build their business with giveaways. One of the most common themes of promotional products is some sort of apparel….read more →

To Free or Not to Free – Home Delivery and Ecommerce

To free or not to free? That is the question! Ok, ok. So lame Shakespeare reference aside, home delivery is a huge bone of contention for some ecommerce retailers. Should it be free or should it not be free? Does delivery cost put off some potential new customers? In fact, at a recent event held in Manchester, UK, Google’s stance on…read more →

How to Know if the Colors of Your Brand are Dated

Your brand is the most important part of your company, and if the colors and design of your branding are dated, it can have a negative impact on your company. Those businesses with dated brands appear to be dated themselves, and many customers will leave them for newer companies that offer similar products and services. The belief, although not accurate,…read more →