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Why Expats Are Changing the Way we do Business

A need for travel, education, career or simply a change is creating more and more expats today than years before, and this rising increase is not going unnoticed. Society as a whole is changing the way that we do business thanks to the rise in expats. From the way businesses are partnering with other businesses to the way that companies…read more →

Is the Use of Flyers as Part of a Marketing Strategy Dead?

These days the use of flyers is not necessarily considered as a particularly modern marketing strategy. All the hype is currently around online marketing which causes us to ask whether or not the use of flyers is outdated and unproductive. I think that the short answer is that it completely depends on the type of business that you run. Fast…read more →

Shop Owners: Learn to Keep Vandals at Bay!

Vandals and thieves are the biggest security issues that a shop owner will have to deal with and consider when they are running a retail operation. Every year across the UK there are a number of robberies and break-ins that cost business owners thousands of pounds to repair and replace both the stolen goods and their windows and doors. Certain…read more →

A Guide To Communicating Better

Communication is key in so many aspects of life. We do it every single day, sometimes without even saying a word. It’s something we begin to learn from the moment we can see and hear. We pick up bad habits in communication just like we pick up habits with anything else. You may find it seems people often do not…read more →