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Online Business Mistakes Made by Newbies

Online Business Mistakes Made by Newbies

Newbies make a common set of online business mistakes which cripples their entrepreneurial efforts. If you are new to the online realm pay attention closely as these errors might be holding you back from growing your home based opportunity. The most important thing is to look at yourself in the light of truth. Yes, you might have the right intentions but emotions like desperation are sneaky, and quite difficult to detect, and you might be moving into desperate action without even knowing it. Take the time to be completely honest with yourself and your job as an online entrepreneur becomes much easier.

Gauge exactly why you want to run an online business. This is far and away mistake number one when it comes to common errors made by newbies. You see, you will move into business growing or business destroying acts based on your motivators. If you are motivated by being financially free, or traveling the world while you work your online business, this is a very strong reason why, and of course, it is a positive, high energy motivator. You will naturally move into high energy acts to grow your business and of course you will receive high energy results, reducing your learning curve as you make fewer mistakes.

The Big ’’Why’’ Mistake Newbies Make

Well, if your reason why to work an online business consists of trying to make money, or just a few bucks, or if it is fueled by desperation instead of freedom, you are doomed. Why? Because you chose low energy motivators and of course, these lead to low energy, mistake-laden acts which bring low energy results. Very few people in the online realm choose the proper motivator and even fewer writing their reason why down on a piece of paper, which is another massive error. Stop working without the proper motivator in mind. If you are a struggling newbie entrepreneur drop everything now. Go to a quiet place. Decide on why you want to run an online business, and write the reason down with pen and paper. Carry the paper with you wherever you go, as this piece of paper is your mental compass, keeping you motivated with the proper drivers. It could be financial freedom, or an unlimited salary, or any other high energy driver.

Spamming Left and Right Until You Destroy Your Reputation

Almost all newbie entrepreneurs spam people out of their mind, trying to game the system, going overboard in posting to Facebook or LinkedIn groups. Point blank, spamming does not work, because you use force with this strategy and force negates. You cannot force people to try to check out your online business because the desperate vibe you put off tells people to stay away. Even if you snag a few prospects with this approach they too will be broke and desperate, and of course, you are not receiving any money from these people. Create valuable blog posts and videos. Stop spamming.

Identify and release these online business newbie mistakes today.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing tips about how to be successful with your online business; follow the link to learn more about software that can help you maintain your blog and website.