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Re-iterating the Importance of Proofreading

Re-iterating the Importance of Proofreading

If you are creating a brochure to hand out to potential customers or clients, you will want it to have a professional quality to it.  It should be well-designed to fit your services and the content should be interesting with a message that matches your intent.  The language should be clear with no grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors.  As obvious as these basics are, you would be surprised how often mistakes in the smaller details still frequently get overlooked.  In the end, reviewing the basics and proofreading your marketing materials more than once is never a bad idea.

Choosing the Right Design

The design should be pleasing to the eye and it should add to the message rather than detract from it.  However, you must also be careful not to let the design overpower the content of the brochure.  Your message should be the main attention-grabbing point for readers of the brochure.

Choosing the Right Content and Message

A brochure gives you limited space and time to convey your message.  The wording should be succinct and everything should point to the idea you want to get across.  The content and tone should be interesting and professional while capturing the reader’s attention.  The tone should reflect your business style and make its message more effective.

Don’t Forget to Edit

Editing may not be as much fun as other aspects the creative process, but it is one of the most important ones.  A poorly written brochure will take away from the message as the reader struggles to understand what is being conveyed.  Misspellings and improper punctuation will portray a negative image of your business and may even set the wrong expectation about the quality of service that might be received.  While the printing company will edit and proofread your brochure, remember that you will be ultimately responsible for reviewing and signing off on the final version.

The Final Proof

Even after all of the above steps have been taken, you may still find something that needs to be changed on the brochure.  Do not hesitate to ask for changes even in the final proof.  Remember that this is going to potential clients or customers and they should only see your best effort.  The brochure should convey your message and influence their next action.  Take the time to review the entire brochure to make sure it is something you are proud to hand out.

From design to content and messaging to the technical tools of grammar and spelling, you want to select the best company.  Consider consulting with a local experienced company that specializes in the marketing creative that you need, such as one with expertise in brochure printing in Sydney, for advice on how to create a masterpiece that will enhance your business and increase your profits.

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