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How Can You Reduce The Amount Of Energy Wasted In Your Workplace?

How Can You Reduce The Amount Of Energy Wasted In Your Workplace?

Move to a New Building

It may sound like a bit drastic but if you are currently sat in an old drafty building with thick walls and World Heritage protected windows that you aren’t allowed to replace with more effective double glazed ones, then you may save yourself a lot of hassle and paper work by just moving buildings. Not that moving house isn’t tough but if energy saving is your goal, you can do this in one foul swoop by moving to a modern, insulated and intelligently heated building.

You may have to move out of a city centre location but when you weigh up the savings on energy and indeed on your probably massive mortgage or lease, you will see your way to saving a ton of cash.

Install Intelligent Lighting

If you have a large enough building, lighting may be one of the biggest expenses. Old fashioned lights use a ridiculous amount of energy, and if they’re left on all day, even in rooms and corridors where no one walks, you can be haemorrhaging money like you wouldn’t believe, all for the sake of not turning lights on and off.

Intelligent lighting systems are controlled by a computer and utilise modern LED (light emitting diode) bulbs that last ten times longer than old school light bulbs. These use way less energy in the first place and when controlled to only turn on when they’re needed, you can save your business a good load of cash.

Change Energy Provider

If all that sounds like too much stress, you can save money (though perhaps not the energy) with one phone call. You can either call up your existing provider or threaten to leave unless they give you a better deal, or you can go to a rival provider and say you are thinking of leaving but will only move to them if they can get a much better deal. If you’re a large company then you may have a great deal of appeal for the provider and they may be able to do you a special rate and possibly provide you with a smart meter.

Go Renewable

If you are a particularly green company, or would like to be seen as an energy saving company, you could turn yourself into a self-sustaining energy fortress by installing a bank of solar panels, a forest of wind turbines and perhaps even lining your roof with bio material that insulates incredibly well and makes for a nice roof garden space. Doing all this could allow you to step away from energy providers entirely.

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