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How To Videos – Helping Improve Customer Relations

‘How To Videos’ have become a great way of leveraging the power of online marketing and are by far one of the most popular, and affordable, ways of extending your coverage. YouTube has facilitated this rise to a great extent, as well as other similar social video sharing sites. A quick search on YouTube for ‘How To + will reveal a countless number of videos and channels who produce only ‘How To Videos’. These kinds of videos can be used as great brand building exercises. Producing ‘How To Videos’ are relatively simple, as all you need is a video camera and offer your knowledge and advice on a specialist subject.

Where to Start?

Hiring a professional video production is one route to go down, and will save you having to source all the necessary equipment such as cameras, lighting, tripods, etc. There is of course is usually a more expensive option, especially if the video production company only offer flat service rates. So it’s advisable to choose a company that can work with your budget, which will ensure there are no hidden surprises when the completed work is delivered. Using this option will guarantee piece of mind, and you can get a feel for the companies’ work before you contract them via their show reel.

Do It Yourself

However, if you have a decent camera to hand, e.g. a DSLR or compact digital with good video recording functionality, and a bit of expertise in a certain subject you’re pretty much good to go. There’s a few things you should bear in mind when starting your ‘How To Video’. First think about what your audience should get of the ‘How To’ video what are your goals with the video are. Then get a rough script together, but it’s important to not be relying on this too much in the video. No one wants to hear someone reading from a script and sounding dull and drab. It might be worth putting the dialogue on a PowerPoint Presentation and placing the laptop behind the camera at eye level.

Worth The Investment

It’s worth investing in some editing video editing software. If you’re working on a Mac iMovie will do just fine, but if you want to play around with some professional software it’s best to look at Final Cut Pro or Avid. Also pay attention to file formatting and compatibility, especially if you wish to share with others. They will have to be using the same software and operating systems, e.g. it’s no good sending a media file created in Avid on a Windows PC to a Mac user.

Lighting and audio are key

Finally, the most important points when it comes to actually shooting the video are lighting and audio. Test your camera before and make sure the audio is actually picking up sound and it’s clear. People will quickly switch off if they can’t hear what you’re saying or if the sound is distorted. For the lighting, make sure you use subtle but focused lighting and avoid wearing any outlandish colours or white T-Shirts if you’re background is white. This will ensure less time is spend in editing the footage.

How To Videos can be great exposure for your brand, if done correctly. They can help you gain further traction within the Search Engines, and drive further traffic through to your website. Remember to smile, be relaxed and confident whilst filming, and all the rest will flow into place.

This article was written by Dragonfly Productions a London video production company offering corporate videos and animated videos.