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Don’t Just Write A Headline, Write A Law Blog Game Changer

Don’t Just Write A Headline, Write A Law Blog Game Changer

While your legal practice’s blog might be the meat and potatoes of your marketing efforts, an effective headline is like the time your parents let you eat dessert first. Headlines can be incentivized selling points for your readers, so long as you know how to craft them. Read the tips below to make your next headline a smashing success.

Short Goes A Long Way

There are two reasons why your headline has to be short and sweet. First of all, a headline that sounds like this will have your reader asleep or backing out of your website before they can even finish the sentence: “The Best Way To Talk To A Divorce Lawyer Without Your Spouse Knowing A Single Thing: How To Find a Divorce Lawyer On The Down Low.” Yes, this headline is absurdly long and I sincerely hope no one thought it was actually a good idea. It’s redundant, it’s boring, it’s way too long, and you forget what you’re reading about before you even get to the end. A better headline would be: “How To Find A Divorce Lawyer On The Down Low.” You’re reader will at least be able to get through the whole headline and they’ll know exactly what they’re about to get into. A few other great headline tips are at work here, but we’ll get to that soon.

Reason number two for keeping headlines to a minimum is because exceeding a certain length can cause search engines, social media sites, tweets, and just about every other sharing platform to cut off the title. If a potential reader isn’t getting all the information they need right away, then what’s their incentive on clicking through? Make it easier for those poor guys by shortening up your headlines, and you’ll be doing yourself a favor in the mean time.

Think In Keywords

While it’s wrong to think that search engine optimization, or SEO, is all about keywords, they shouldn’t be ignored altogether. Most likely, you’re blogging to raise awareness for your law firm or practice. Sure, it feels good to write your feelings down, but blogging is becoming a marketing force whether you like it or not. Therefore, keywords must play a part in the mighty blogosphere. Think up hot keywords that are specific to your area of expertise, your region, subjects that concern your practice, and so on. For the sake of consistency, I’m going to stick with my divorce lawyer example. A divorce lawyer in Denver might find that child custody is a popular topic when clients come into their office. If that’s the case, including the words “child custody” in your blog post can earn your brownie points from the get-go. While you should be blogging about topics that concern your clients in the first place, entice them to read your blog by creating headlines that will lure them in.

You’re also including keywords for SEO purposes; just make sure not to overdo it. Writing a headline that sounds like, “Child Custody Lawyers Weigh In On Child Custody” followed by a blog post that reads, “As child custody lawyers in Denver, we know about Colorado child custody laws.” This is called keywords stuffing and it will get you the boot by readers and search engines faster than you can write “child custody” once more.

Problems And Promises

Earlier I mentioned that a few other headline tricks were at play in the headline, “How To Find A Divorce Lawyer On The Down Low.” And I know that has just been itching you dry, so here’s the part where we get to dissect those tricks. The best headlines seek out a problem and offer a promise to solve that problem. It sounds so simple; yet, many blogs don’t adhere to this rule. Blog readers love anything that offers a list like “Five Questions To Ask Your Divorce Attorney” or a how-to like “How To Ask Your Spouse For A Divorce.” With these kinds of headlines, you’re appealing directly to your readers’ problems and promising that you’re blog will offer them a solution. Suddenly, your headlines have transformed into personalized, targeted posts that reach right out to your readers. Before you write your next blog post, think about the problems your clients are having and then write posts and headlines that promise a solution.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Headlines are the first thing your readers see and it can be tempting to create sensational headlines that lure them in with a tasty secret. But once you’re reader realizes you’ve duped them into reading something entirely different, they’ll be gone before you know it. And I can guarantee that they won’t be coming back. Get all the fluff, fancy adjectives, and manipulative waffle words out of your headline and stick to the truth. Remember, your readers are looking for promises that will solve their problems. Being unable to make good on your offer will only hurt your reputation and marketing efforts.

A well-written headline can set your legal blog apart from the competition. Don’t forget to take the time craft a great headline for your next blog post; not only will your blog become a more effective marketing tool, but you’ll be able to attract new clients and broaden your reputation.

Written by Pete Wise for Hauptman, O’Brien, Wolf & Lathrop, whom are dedicated to serving Nebraska. Their approach of treating every client as their own unique case differs from the cookie-cutter methods of many others. Their successes defeding the rights of those in the Omaha area are numerous; so contact them if you want the best Lawyers in Nebraska.